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Ten tips for last minute preparation of CET exam



Ten Tips For Last Minute Preparation of CET Exam

It’s not easy! Of course it’s not; studying for the exam itself is a difficult task as it deals with the competition, stress, social pressure and struggle of proving self. In addition to that, studying for an entrance exam is not a regular feature in any student’s life. But the competition is a vital element of one’s life, as competition leads to the struggle for success and the success results in the positive development of a mankind. Though the syllabus of CET contains most of the portion that you have covered in the boards, it creates the same amount of stress that affects not only your mental health but also your entire family. Let’s not make this happen…… let’s find some easy ways for the last minute preparation of this CET examination. 1. Relax yourself: Stop blaming yourself for not taking this exam seriously and leaving some topics for the last minute preparation.Relax, and be ready for the last minute preparation of the exam. 2. Focus on the subject: Don’t confuse yourself by taking too many chapters or topics at a time for the last minute study. List out the chapters or the topics that you have studied deeply and …

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