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reading comprehension



Master The Reading Comprehension For SBI PO Pre Exam

You can master the Language skills needed for the English section of SBI PO exam by reading for 30 Days of 30 minutes each. Reading Comprehension – We talk about 2005 – 2006 the reading comprehension section was easy and students were less careful about the grammar section. as a result,  the examiners increased the level of difficulty of reading comprehension and the grammar portion was made easy, hence students shifted their focus to grammar section.  This trend continued till 2010. During the year 2011-2012 when students simply ignored the reading comprehension section. and  the examiners have again decreased the difficulty level in reading comprehension and increased in grammar section but candidates are not completely aware of this, so candidates who feel they can excel in grammar and leave reading comprehension will not be able to attempt more than 60-70% of English section and accuracy will also decrease since it is a difficult section. The Objective of this article is to discuss the ways to score more marks in the reading comprehension section. We will have two approaches. Firstly, to increase the number of attempts in the due time. secondly. to minimize the errors. The key for both is an …

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