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Number systems




The most focused area in the SBI clerk exam was ‘Number System’. this topic is relatively easy. it just needs a thorough practice.Following are the few basic things those a candidate should keep in mind. – BODMAS rules – Squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots – Rules of Surds and Indices – Multiplication and division of large numbers – Addition and subtraction of fractions – Approximations Practice as many questions as you can, without using a calculator at any point. The more questions you work on, the better you become. However, only solving a large number of questions may not help. You need to look at the way you have calculated the answer and compare it with the methods given in the solution. Some basic facts that you should know when you attempt such questions: – Multiplication tables up to 50 – Squares up to 99 – Cubes up to 50 – Reciprocals up to 15 – Factorials up to 15 – Conversion from fractions to percentages and vice versa upto 1/50 – Direct multiplication of TWO-DIGIT/THREE DIGIT numbers with larger numbers (easier to do once you know the multiplication tables) Whenever you approximate the given numbers, have a …

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