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Learn to play sitar



Learn how to play Sitar: a string instrument

A musical instrument is an instrument created or adopted to make some unique and refreshing musical sounds. Every musical instrument is known for its different musical pieces that are composed and used for representing different moods in a film, a play or for any artistic creation.   Sitar is a classical instrument used especially for emphasizing on the pleasant moods of the artist or for creating background music while showing the pleasant changes in the Nature. Overall the strings of sitar connect you to the artistic transformations and help you in spreading the positive vibes all around your small world.   Composition of sitar: Sitar is a plucked string instrument used mainly in Indian classical music. The composition of sitar is complex yet attractive that easily drags your attention. A sitar can have 18.19.20 or 21 strings. Six or seven of these are played strings which run over the curved area of sitar. And the rest of all are sympathetic strings which resonate on the head of the instrument. The instrument has two bridges. the large bridge is known as ‘Badaa Goraa’ and the small one is named as ‘chotaa Goraa’. The large bridge is used for playing the drone …

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