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elementry intermediate grade exam



5 Points to be understood before appearing for an Elementary/Intermediate Grade exam

Are you good at drawing? Do you want to make a career in the field of fine arts or commercial arts? Are you looking at ‘Drawing’ more than just a subject? Then you must prepare yourself for the Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination. The Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination was instituted in the year 1880 by the Art Directorate of Government of Maharashtra. It started with 18 students for the first ever examination. Moving on to around 2 lakh students who appear for this examination every year. Here are some tips that An Elementary/ Intermediate candidate should understand before he/she appears for the exam. Focus on your artistic goal: There are many students around you, who want to attempt this grade exam. They might force you to attempt the same exam. But if you are planning a career in drawing, then do not take this exam as casually as they are taking it. Focus on your art that will help you grow. 2. Know the syllabus : There are 6 different subjects you will have to concentrate on while preparing for this exam. Those subjects are: still drawing, Nature drawing, Memory drawing, Design, freehand, geometry. Each subject demands different skills. …

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