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5 Rich People



5 Rich People Extending Helping Hand To Underprivileged People In The Society

Elizabeth Sholtys : A Mother Of Slum Kids Of (Pune, Maharashtra)   Elizabeth Sholtys, a resident of United States has started working as a volunteer in various NGOs, orphanages and hospitals while studying in United World College in Pune. She is working for slum children in Pune from last 10 years.   In 2005 she had formed ‘Asharaya’ a residence for street children. The work of ‘Asharaya’ began with the residential programme for four kids. This center deals with the overall development of children right from the age of 1 year to 18 years. Elizabeth is like a friend, philosopher and guide to them. She is more concerned about their educational as well as personality development.  A small initiative from upper class always makes a big difference in the life of these kids.   Ajit Saxena : From A Railway Officer To A Foster Father (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)   Ajit Saxena, is currently posted as the Chief Commercial Manager of Southern Railways in Chennai. But he does something more worthwhile than just earning money for his family. He has accepted the parenting of the children of dead farmers from the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. He is a philanthropist, a foster …

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