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5 people with ordinary lives are chasing their dreams by helping the society



5 people with ordinary lives that are chasing their dreams by helping the society

1. Pravin Nikam: A Period Man Pravin Nikam, a 23 year old boy, a strong headed feminist is working on ‘menstruation and personal hygiene’ under which he and his friends arrange seminars or a series of lectures for the women in rural areas. It was on a visit of Assam that Pravin met a  girl named ‘Roshni’ who was restricted from attending school due to her monthly cycle. He fought for her rights with those villagers and made her sit in the school. This incident has changed his life completely; he had formed a NGO named ‘Roshni Foundation’. Under which he works for spreading awareness about the issue of ‘menstruation and personal hygiene’ especially among the women and adolescent girls of lower economic strata. 2. Nilesh Zawar : A Real Nature Lover Nilesh Zawar a Chartered Accountant and an enthusiastic nature lover decided to defocus on his family profession of CA firm and set up a free-range dairy near Nashik. Where he has kept a large number of cows in a very comfortable and humane environment that encourages cows to produce a sufficient quantity of milk in totally organic atmosphere. Also, this organic dairy farm has become a picnic spot for those who are …

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