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5 middle class people



5 Middle Class People Going Out Of Their Way To Help The Poor

Mohammed Ayub : Teaches Thousands Of Slum Children For Free In Peshawar (Pakistan)   In a country where everyone is struggling for his own progress and happiness, people like Mohammed Ayub are trying to change the definition of progress and happiness. This 58 years old government employee teaches 200 underprivileged children for free every day. Each day at 3 pm, after finishing his day at work, he reaches to a garden near the building of Pakistan’s parliament. Around 200 children from different economic background are lined up, waiting for him at the park, ready to learn. It all started 30 years ago, when Ayub’s family was living in a village and he alone was working in the city. He decided to utilize his free time by doing something for the well-being of the society. Now, thousands of his students have passed from last three decades. They are having decent jobs too like him. Society is definitely in need of many more people like Mohammed Ayub to reduce an economic gap between rich and poor.   Ganesh Dalvi : A True Care Taker (Pune, Maharashtra)   Ganesh is a journalist and a voice over dubbing artist, associated with various NGO’s from …

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