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VLURN.COM is an education learning portal which partners with best trainers and coaching institutes in India, to offer a wide range of online courses including a lot of free courses to anyone who wants to learn

VLURN.COM is founded by professionals including Chartered Accountants, MBAs & IT Professionals who have immense experience in education sector of India. They have founded and achieved success in multiple businesses and vlurn.com is their brainchild to achieve their vision of spreading learning in remotest corners of the world through the medium of internet and cellular networks

These courses are designed and reviewed specially by industry experts providing participants with real life situations. Most of these courses are simple video based tutorials where the instructor comes face to face and explain complex topics in lucid and simple manner. These tutorials include quizzes and assignments to help the learners test their understanding of the concepts.

A lot of these courses include support in form of doubt clearing webinars, question and answer forums and email access to the trainers.

Vlurn.com has multiple courses on various topics such as finance, business, exam preparation, languages, photography, Information Technology, Health and Lifestyle, etc. These courses can enable to learners to prepare for various things such as examinations, job interviews, skill-enhancement and new hobby development

Different courses carry different study durations. Typically, a course is valid for 12 months

The trainers who make these courses are the subject matter experts for a long period of time (sometimes more than 35 years). They have been teaching the course either in classroom or online for a long duration of time and in lot of cases have trained thousands of students. Most of the trainers have 15-20+ years of experience in their respective fields providing student with amazing opportunities to tap their skills & experiences

Online learning and training is ideal for self-motivated and goal-driven individuals. You could be working professionals, students pursuing higher education or looking for a functional change or industry change. The interactive study material is very comprehensive and industry endorsed. It is easy to retain and can be visualized any number of times making it easy to learn. The illustrative graphics lets you imagine and develop your own view point. It is also a more engaging, less time-consuming and faster way to learn and educate oneself. Further, the skills that you will develop will be highly industry relevant. One may also pursue higher education online along with their work.

Classroom training is not available for the participants of online courses as the idea of creating a platform for online education is to remove the need of going to a classroom for studying. However learners are encouraged to get support in form of asking questions on forums, taking notes in within the course, asking questions to instructors and online webinars and events

You will require a decent speed internet connection, preferably a broadband connection of over 256 Kbps.

You do not require any special hardware for online courses. A regular Desktop or Laptop computer would be sufficient. If you can check Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn on your computer or open Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word files, then it should work for the online courses on vlurn.com as well

You can reach us by phone, chat, messaging or through mail. Please visit our Support page to find out the best medium suitable for you.

The support team will try to resolve your issue and get back to you within 12 to 24 hours.

We have support options for
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$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;$nbsp;Payment and billing related support
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