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Secret Strategies to Clear the SBI PO 2016 exam

The first thing in banking exam is “STAY RELAX & DO NOT PANIC”


English Language: Target of not more than 16 on a paper of 30

Logical Reasoning: Target 17 out of 35

Quantitative Aptitude: Target 19 out of 35 If mark is added it reaches around 52

Totally if you score around 52 out of 100 marks you will surely qualify for the Preliminary exam and get opportunity to write Mains Exam. Many candidates who have cleared final selection process having a score of around 48 or 49

If the question paper happens to be quite uncommon and complex like these days’ RBI Grade B or NABARD Exam papers, the cut off comes down as mentioned above.


  1. English (14 minutes)
  2. Quantitative Aptitude (21 minutes)
  3. Reasoning (22 minutes)

Ideally one should start with English section as it requires a cool mind which is what you get in the start of the exam. If u start with Reasoning paper and find questions are not so easy and if you try to go fast in quant you can get in trouble by making common mistakes

Just leave the section once the time is passed and go to the next section, we can always come back to the sections again as you will get around 3-4 minutes once u finish all sections.


Give 2 minutes of time to screen the paper, and closely analyse which questions are easy. If you start with Quantitative Section, you will most likely face a Boats and Streams problem or mixtures problem, in 99% cases. It will be an easy looking but complex problem which can trap you and waste your time. PLEASE REMEMBER TIME IS YOUR LIMITING FACTOR AND NOT THE QUESTIONS.


English: Start with grammar corrections, read the whole question rather than reading part by part to find the error. While reading the whole question you will automatically find the errors.

Do if the question is having a clear and easy error else leave the question. Try to find previous year questions (if you have practiced with around 30 sets it will give clear conceptual idea for previous year questions). Start with a clerk level paper and then go with PO level paper.

Do not start with reading comprehension. Go to other sections like jumbled paragraphs and reading comprehensions after you finish grammar sections.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Always start with Arithmetic (percentage/profit loss) as it will be from an area where you will see easy questions on which you can bank upon

Never Start with DATA INTERPRETATION and MATHEMATICAL SERIES problems in the beginning as they require lot of mental exercises and number calculation and can make you lose concentration in just 20 – 25 minutes after the start of the exam. Many good students having accurate preparations fall in the exam trap when they maintain high speed and accuracy in the beginning but loose the same accuracy after 60 – 70 minutes due to inappropriate selection of the questions in question paper.

Logical Reasoning:

Start with syllogisms, inequalities, general reasoning, input output as you can maintain almost 100% accuracy with practice,

Never start with puzzles. Out of 2 puzzles if you complete 1 correctly and confidently then you can ignore the 2nd puzzle for the time being. Generally the second puzzle is very complex and lengthy and attempting it can actually diminish your chances of clearing the exam.

Don’t attempt all the statement assumption, cause and effect questions, just do around 2 questions out of 3. Do questions which are direct and straight forward and easy. Be careful; attempting all the questions from this section typically fetches negative marks as some answers are bound to be wrong.

You can attempt mathematical series and second puzzle which you have left earlier and other difficult areas once you have done easy quantitative questions and reasoning ability.


Bank Exams can be cleared by practice and practice only, most of the times students who maintain a high practice session clear the exams, while many candidates who rely more on tricks and less on practice fail to clear the paper.

A Score Card of SBI PO Pre Exam

SBI PO Marksheet


If you don’t clear the written exam or the overall selection process for more than 6 -7 times, keep taking test series it is a clear sign that you have not achieved the required speed, do not give up. It takes 30 Mock Test under strict environment to reach the speed and accuracy which will

Many of my friends, seniors and juniors who have been vital part of forum of “EXAM DOST” have cleared the banking exams after 8 – 9 attempts and now working in senior positions in nationalized banks and other Govt Institutions.

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MAY 24, 2016

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