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Shortcuts for editing object in MS PowerPoint (Changing dimension, positioning and orientation)

An object in PowerPoint may refer to a text box, a picture, a table, a shape or any such thing. Mostly our slides are composed of a lot of objects and so there is a constant need of editing them in terms of their dimensions, orientation or positioning. The above mentioned shortcuts help us do that efficiently. 

1. Shift + Arrow keys – You can change the dimensions of the object easily through it without even using your mouse/keyboard. 

2. Shift + Mouse/Keypad – The use of this shortcut ensures that the change in the dimensions of the object is uniform in all respects. 

Let’s see how Shift + Mouse/keypad is a better tool to change the dimensions of an object as compared to dragging using mouse or keypad alone. We have an object (a picture) whose dimensions we want to change. But we need to ensure that it is not distorted in this process. 

Sustainable Engineering-1

Now, when we drag the picture using mouse or keypad, we might end up with any of the figures given below if we don’t pay complete attention to the direction in which we are dragging. 

Sustainable Engineering-2

But you needn’t worry about the distortion at all when you go for shift key with dragging as the former don’t allow change in the direction. We get the following result upon using shift with mouse or keyboard.  

Sustainable Engineering-3

3. Ctrl + Arrow keys – Sometimes there is a need to bring a very minor change in the position of the object. This shortcut accomplishes that task as it allows you to ‘nudge’ the object horizontally or vertically. 

4. Ctrl + Mouse/keypad – Control key with mouse/keypad is used for the replication of an object. An example will make it more clear to you. 
There is an object that you want to replicate. Just select the object and put the cursor over it. Now when you press the CTRL key, you will notice a small + at the right side of the arrow of the cursor. It is an indication that now the object can be replicated. All you need to do now is to drag the object with CTRL key firmly pressed. You will see another object emerging from the source object, as show below.
Sustainable Engineering-4
5. Ctrl + Alt + Left / Right – This shortcut allows you to rotate the object to a desired degree. For example, just look at the screenshot given below. 
Sustainable Engineering-5
6. Enter – This isn’t exactly a shortcut for editing object, but has a handy utility nonetheless. To add a new slide, just select the slide following which you need the new one and Enter. 
June 15, 2015

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