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Shortcuts for editing content in the text box in MS PowerPoint

Unlike MS Word, you can’t write anywhere on a PowerPoint slide just by double – clicking and typing. You can only write inside a text box and to add content on a specific point of a slide you first need to insert a text box there. There can be several text boxes on a single slide. To edit the content inside a text box quickly, you need to have a good knowledge of various shortcuts. Here we have highlighted the six most important ones.

1. F2 – It is the quickest way of selecting the whole text within a text box. Kindly note that if you have clicked inside the text box for editing, then you will need to press F2 twice to perform the same action. 

2. Alt + Shift + up/down arrow – This shortcut is very useful for quickly moving the lines/paragraphs within a text box. 

The following example shows the application of the shortcut used for moving lines/paragraph up or down.

Application of Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcuts ALT + Shift + Up Arrow

3. Shift + Left/Right Key – This shortcut is helpful in selective editing. So if there are just few letters you want to edit then go for this shortcut. 

4. Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right Key – It allows greater flexibility as you can edit the whole words using this shortcut. 
5. Ctrl + Shift + >/< – This is the quickest way of changing the font size of the selected text. The size increases/decreases by 2 every time you use the shortcut. 
6. Shift + F3 – The easiest way of changing the case of the text is to use this shortcut. The following example shows how it is used. 
Keyboard Shortcuts Shift + F3
May 19, 2015

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