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Master The Reading Comprehension For SBI PO Pre Exam

You can master the Language skills needed for the English section of SBI PO exam by reading for 30 Days of 30 minutes each.

Reading Comprehension – We talk about 2005 – 2006 the reading comprehension section was easy and students were less careful about the grammar section. as a result,  the examiners increased the level of difficulty of reading comprehension and the grammar portion was made easy, hence students shifted their focus to grammar section.  This trend continued till 2010.

During the year 2011-2012 when students simply ignored the reading comprehension section. and  the examiners have again decreased the difficulty level in reading comprehension and increased in grammar section but candidates are not completely aware of this, so candidates who feel they can excel in grammar and leave reading comprehension will not be able to attempt more than 60-70% of English section and accuracy will also decrease since it is a difficult section.

The Objective of this article is to discuss the ways to score more marks in the reading comprehension section. We will have two approaches. Firstly, to increase the number of attempts in the due time. secondly. to minimize the errors. The key for both is an effective judgment. While Effective judgment can be very easily developed by practice, practice and more practice.  But there are few things which will make your way easy while solving reading comprehension.

 RULE 1:

The first and last 4 lines of the  passage will provide you answers of 4 questions. Once you do this you will get the theme or the main idea of the passage. There is a psychological reason behind this. Since we are reading passage from school we feel it is easy and we want to increase our speed while reading passage . since we are in exam sitting with lot of candidates, and in this fast reading we miss the actual meaning of first 3- 4 lines which we realize when we start attempting question. We have to read the passage again. It takes us 2 – 3 lines to concentrate on the passage

The SBI Clerk Exam conducted on 22nd May 2016, the first 4 and last 4 lines gave 3 direct questions and one vocab based question.

Note: If you are running out of time and only left with 2 – 3 minutes, this technique will work wonders for you. Just read first 4 and last 4 lines of the passage, you can get 4 questions, with a careful reading.and you  will realize that ‘ You are ahead of others.’

 RULE 2:

 Approaching A Passage:

 Accept the fact that  you cannot solve all questions so prepare yourself mentally that you can solve only 70% questions if you have solved 15 – 20 Reading comprehensions sets and you can reach upto 80% by 40-50 reading comprehension sets. Knowing your weakness is also a strength . Many good candidates in by solving  all 10 questions and getting 7 correct and 3 incorrect you can get a score of 6.25.  But with a slight change in approach you can attempt only 7 questions and leave 3, you are gaining edge over others in both score and save yourself some time also.

Always start with questions and never with passage, most student go the other way, they start with passage then read questions. When you began reading questions Please understand that you have to pay 80% attention to questions and 20% to passage.

Start Reading questions with 100% concentration.  understand the meaning of the question. Once you have read the question start reading the options very carefully and try to get the meaning of each option. You will see that 2 -3 options can actually be eliminated just by reading the questions thoroughly. If you do not understand the complete meaning of any option, please leave the question, maybe it’s a tricky question.  When you are leaving such questions you are doing a better judgment and you are moving ahead in the exam so don’t worry.

Note: Generally 1st and the last question of the passage are those tricky ones, but still read them and be wise. So if you are running out of time, you can jump to 2nd question directly.

The Options with extremely negative words can never be your answer as these passage generally depict a scenario and questions analyses the scenario, negative words are generally avoided.


Questions with double negative words  are possibly expecting you to go slow. They are not difficult to attempt but you have to be careful.

These days SBI PO Exam Reading comprehension question will have more than 2 correct answers and you get options as both A&B correct, or A&C correct, please be careful while solving such questions.

Also you will face question with except option: which of the following is the reason behind the phenomena accept: Please be careful and use the method of elimination in such question.

Avoid Lip Movement while reading passage, you will see you can read faster without lip movement. Try to read slow when you are in practice. Most Students leave reading comprehension due to not understanding the meaning of passage: Please understand with practice you can overcome this problem and you have to FIGHT YOUR FEAR.



Sometimes when you read the question and go through the option you find out that none of the answers are actually accurate.  we overlook the 5th option which is none of these , what we do is we try to tick the option which is closest to the answer. If you are taking wrong option, be careful. Remember the Law of NONE OF THESE

This Holds correct not only for Reading comprehension but for the complete paper. On an average you will get around 5-6 questions out of 0 questions with none of these as correct answers in the English paper. They are easy to identify – ask yourself if the question is very simple and direct – if yes then NONE of these can be the most likely as the answer.


VOCAB BASED question:

 you will get 3 questions based on Vocab : Please do not attempt such question without reading the passage as mostly the words are used in a different context and not as per their common meaning. This is also kept as a potential trap for the students who come to directly solve the vocab based questions without reading the passage. The Direct approach will only fetch you negative marks. While vocabulary will be the strongest part of English’s language section. you don’t have to worry as we have prepared a video with 3000 Words is  important for SBI PO and other exams with meaning in Hindi and English and their synonyms and antonyms. Stay connected with Exam Dost. You can reach us at jonyshakya@gmail.com / +91 9970896617 for SBI PO level Reading comprehension passages.


Practice MORE AND MORE – Candidates, who cleared SBI PO last year, solved 100 Reading comprehension sets. The average time they took was 6 minutes to answer 9 questions. The accuracy was 100% which was achieved in 45 Days.

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