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Learn to play Dholak : An interesting musical instrument

Music has the universal language. No barrier can stop a person from experiencing the sense of love, purity and satisfaction from music. But universally accepted forms of music have emerged by making the use of different instruments like Tabla, dholak, Sitar etc. Each musical instrument has its own flavor that decides and maintains the standard of any musical concert. Here, we must differentiate between the instruments like Tabla or dholak and sitar or flute. Because, all these instruments fall into the different categories with some distinct characteristics.

Let’s focus ona musical instrument ‘dholak’. ‘Dholak’ is a widely accepted musical instrument particularly used in the concerts of Indian folk music as well as the homely programs likebhajan sandhya or wedding sangeet.

Configuration of dholak:

Dholak is a double headed hand drum. It is barrel shaped; at times a cylindrical drum with skins on both the sides. One side of Dholak is smaller and tighter to produce a high pitched sound, while the other is larger to serve as the bass side. Both the sides are equally important and help you in developing your sense of folk music. People say that dholak works the same way as Tabla, but that’s not true. Dholak and dholki have its own flavor that creatively stands out from all other instruments. This instrument is played across India in a particular type of the musical concerts.


Steps to play a dholak:
1. Every classical instrument has its own method of playing. Following the same method would make you a perfect dholak player.
2. Sit with crossed leg; put the dholak on your Lap or on the floor, whichever is comfortable for you. Put both of your hands on the two sides of dholak.
3. Use your fingers rhythmically by creating different sounds on the instrument.
4. Once you are familiar with both the sides of dholak, you can try your own experiments by using the same instrument.
5. You can use an iron thumb ring to produce a distinctive “chak rim” sound.
6. You can create your own tunes by practicing the basic notes of dholak on a regular basis. You can be a professional dholak player by practicing and enjoying each and every note created by yourself.

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March 30, 2016

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