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Learn How to play Tabla: a Rhythmic Instrument


Na…Dhin…Dhin…Na…! Is the rhythm we always hear in the beginning of any musical concert. An instrument that plays such rhythm is commonly known as ‘Tabla’. It is an essential musical instrument that plays a vital role especially in the world of north Indian music. Tabla consists of two wooden drums. One smaller and one larger. the larger drum positioned on the left is called ‘Bayan’ and the smaller one kept on the right side is known as ‘Dayan’. Both the drums have equal importance in music. Each drum has a different pitch but together they make a distinctive tone. A tabla player is always considered as the center of attraction and automatically draws attention of the audience.

The musical instrument like Tabla may attract you at first, but it needs certain amount of dedication and patience to learn this musical instrument.


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There are some basic steps one has to follow  while learning to play Tabla:

  1. Before starting to play Tabla, one needs to understand the structure of the Tabla, and the position in which a table player needs to sit during his classes or the concert. Sit cross legged on the ground. The position of your waist should be straight. Place both the drums right in front of you. You should put one hand on each drum. Your fingers should be flexible enough to play each and every variation of the given rhythm. Sit in the most comfortable position and maintain it till the end of the concert.
  2. Adjust your rhythm as per the vocal scale of the singer and try to add beauty in the music created by the other instruments.
  3. Understanding of different notations, rhythms is the most important part of learning Tabla. Every composition has its own set of notations that has to be carefully played by the musician. Therefore, attending practice sessions is the only way to become a perfect tabla player. We advise you to give ample of time for the practice sessions that leads you to perfection.
  4. Performance of a tabla player is largely depending upon the patience and dedication the player has. Playing Tabla in the concerts or the solo performance of Tabla player demands a great amount of concentration. And hence the tabla player is advised to follow some meditation sessions that increases the power of concentration.
  5. You may start practice session from the slow rhythms and gradually shift to the faster rhythm. You should increase speed without losing accuracy of the given musical notations.

No musical  instrument is hard to play if you deal with it on a regular basis. You can easily achieve your goal of playing tabla by following the steps mentioned above.

It will help you in balancing the rhythm of your life.

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