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Quantitative Aptitude

In every Exam, Quantitative Aptitude questions play very important role. The purpose of including this section in exams is to check the ability of accurate calculation with speed, patience and judgement to choose right questions in allotted time to get good marks.

The Quantitative Aptitude questions are covered asked in Banking Exams as well as UPSC, SSC, Railway exams.

In this Course Every Chapter contains:
1) Videos with detailed Explanation : In videos student will learn the concept of every topic from basic to higher level and Easy detailed explanation of Shortcut used in particular topic.
2) Speed Test
3) Notes of Class
4) List of Shortcut Formula’s of every topic used in this course


Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most interesting and  Important topic. It is base for Profit and Loss ,  Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Data Interpretation & which provides many shortcuts for some important topics like Percentage, Profit and loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Time and work, Time and Distance. Data Interpretation.

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