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Course Curriculum

Introduction to SQL
Introduction of Software Development Life Cycle
22 minutes
Updating and Deleting data in table
7 minutes
How to write the Basic Select Statements
Basic Select statements
25 minutes
How to use Q and Distinct Operator
17 minutes
Restricting and Sorting the data
Comparison Operators
9 minutes
Logical Operators
20 minutes
Sorting the data
12 minutes
Single Row Functions
Case Manipulation Functions
11 minutes
Character Functions
11 minutes
Date Functions
19 minutes
Conversion Functions
17 minutes
Conversion Functions Continued and Nested Functions
10 minutes
General Functions
16 minutes
Conditional Expressions
12 minutes
Multiple Row Functions
Group Functions
Use of Group By and Having Clause
28 minutes
Reading the data from Multiple Tables
Inner Join, Equi Join and Non Equi Join
25 minutes
Outer Joins
12 minutes
Using Sub Query's
Single Row Sub query’s
17 minutes
Multiple Row Sub query’s
33 minutes
Set Operators
How to Use Set Operators
23 minutes
Data Definition Language (DDLs)
Create , Alter and Drop tables
24 minutes
Defining Constraints
24 minutes
Data Manipulation language (DML)
25 minutes
Views, Synonyms, Sequences & Indexes
Creating Views
18 minutes
Creating Sequences and Indexes
17 minutes
Synonyms and Database Privileges
20 minutes
Data Dictionary and Analytical Functions
Data Dictionary
15 minutes
Functions,Analytical functions
  •  2,500.00
  • 12 months

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