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Online Beginner’s Sitar Learning course

• The Online Sitar music learning is all about the finer techniques of standard Sitar playing with Sitar musical instrument practice, complete Sitar music theory knowledge of all the major subjects – including the origin, development, significance and the history of musical instrument Sitar, including the basics learning of how to play Sitar, Sitar performers, solo instrumental performance.
• This course can be completed within an hour and it will take you through the basics of sitar playing.
• Our course contains in total of 7 videos
1st video – Origin and Parts of Sitar.
2nd video – Basics of Sitar Playing ( octaves, alankars, etc)
3rd video – Different Techniques of playing sitar like meed, krintan, jhalla,
4th video – Raag Khamaj, time of playing this raag is the first part of night.
5th video – Raag Kaafi,
6th video – Raag bhimpalasi, time of playing this raag is afternoon, 4-6pm
7th video – Introduction of Sitar.


The Online Beginner’s Sitar Learning Course provides tutorial videos on basic learning of how to play a sitar.
After the completion of the course, you will be able be knowing the history, origin, important parts of sitar and also to play few basic raags on sitar.

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  •  1,950.00
  • 12 months

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