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Mutual Funds Course

This is a Course on Understanding Basics of Mutual Fund Investments. It will help you get a greater understanding on Mutual Funds – What are they, How do they work, Structure, Types, Advantages & Risks Involved. It also covers topics such as who are parties involved in Mutual Fund Investments & how they help you in earning better returns on your Investments with moderate to low risks
The course instructor is Mr. Aashish Shah. He is an accomplished Professor on the subject of Mutual Funds and is also Management Educator. He has trained more than 20,000 people till date for various competitive examinations including NISM, Mutual Funds, & Capital Market Exams.


Course Overview: This Course will enable you to learn more about Mutual Funds, How they work, Structure of Mutual Funds, Types, Advantages & Risk involved. This Course will surely enable you to make better decisions on your investments for savings to meet short term and long term financial goals and help you get the most from your Mutual Fund investments

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