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Mandarin for Beginners

This Course has been compiled for those learners who have to use day to day Chinese for tourist/business and basic communication purposes. Bilateral relations between India and China are on increase year after year in the present decade. So a compact course in bilingual, rather trilingual form ie. Chinese, English and Hindi is much in demand.


This Course is developed by BHASHALAYA to help learners to get
acquainted with day to day useful sentences and words in Chinese for basic communication.The Quick Chinese Course is the necessity of the present environment, where the time is short to devote for long term book based courses.
In my 15 years of teaching Chinese, I have experienced, many of the learners were very capable & fast to understand the language , but their problem was ‘PINYIN’ the Chinese Phonetic pronunciation.

To remove this hurdle and make the learner acquainted with ‘PINYIN’ in the course’s text sentences and words pronunciation and translation is provided in DEVNAGRI also along with translations in English and Hindi.

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  • 12 months

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