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Financial Acumen for Business Leaders

It is essential for senior managers to be able to not only read and understand financial statements but to also have a clear understanding of costing principles and the budgetary process. This module will familiarize managers with the key concepts of accounting, finance, different types of costing techniques etc.

Managing funds is an important responsibility of senior managers and departmental heads. In addition to developing the ability to read and interpret financial statements, senior managers must also understand how to forecast requirements of resources and how to manage them effectively.


    The course includes five series covering all 18 modules that make it a comprehensive learning package. The first part in the series lays strong foundation for understanding financial management principles, which are thoroughly discussed in subsequent parts of the series. In the second part, you will learn about the necessities and requirements of good financial management, while putting emphasis on the rules to be followed. Third part in the series covers the topic of balance sheet and will help you understand the impact of increasing sales on your profits. The fourth and the fifth part in the series include the topics of Marginal costing and Leverage analysis and evaluating financial performance.



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