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CFA Level 1-Ethics

This program is a Support Tool & Guide to prepare for the CFA® Level 1 Examination to held in June & December 2014. This program covers the First and Most important topic – ‘Ethics & Professional Standards’ (also known as ‘ETHICS’ module) carrying almost 15% weight in the 6-hour Exam covering a total of 240 questions 120 questions each in Morning session (9 am to 12 noon) and Afternoon session (2 to 5 pm). Many candidates find that they performed or scored very well in other topics but fared poorly in Ethics and as a result could not clear Level 1. Keeping this in consideration, AFT has developed this module with about 3 hours of video lectures to make this topic easier for Candidates to grasp and understand the concepts using relevant examples at varied standards. We hope that you will find this program extremely useful.Required CFA Institute Disclaimer: “CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA institute. CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management And Research) does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offer by Academy of Financial Training.” Course Goals Enable the student to understand and apply the CFA Institute Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct correctly in the CFA Level 1 Examination


CFA Level 1-Ethics covers all the topics related on “Ethics”. Join Now !!

Course Reviews

  1. Clear and concise material coupled with great explanation.

  2. Clear and concise material coupled with great explanation.

  3. The course was awesome, the instructor did a great job, I really enjoyed learning about the business and ethical side thanks a lot.

  4. Sahil Metha says:

    Need to improve general presentation of course material. No reading from scripts, better visuals, clearer voice. However, the content was pretty good.

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  • 12 months
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