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Carnatic Vocal Lessons – For Beginners

• This Online Intermediate Indian Vocal Singing course helps you to improvise your singing skills, and helps you in learning various famous raags.

• This course contains videos which can be completed within two hours. It will help you learn all the raags and its characteristics.

• Our course contains in total of 6 videos.

1st video – : The very first lesson of Carnatic Music is Sarali varisai. This is set in raag ‘maayamaalavagowla’ & all these fundamental lessons are set to Adi Talam..which means 8 counts
• Video 2 : In this video we will cover jantaswaras. This is set to ‘Mayamalavagowla’ & aditalam
• Video 3 : In this video, we will cover ‘Dhatu Varisai’. Dhatu means jumping
• Video 4 : In this video, we will covering the first part of ‘Sapta Talams’ which is ‘Dhruva Talam’
There are seven talams which are
1. Dhruva Talam
2. Matya Talam
3. Rupaka Talam
4. Jhampa Talam
5. Thriputa Talam ( Chathurushra Thriputa Talam is also called as Adhi Talam)
6. Ata Talam
7. Eka Talam

• Video 5 : In this video, we will be covering Pillari Geetams. These truge of these geetams is set to Roopak Thalam & another truge is set to Triputa thalam & all these source geetams are set in malahaya raagam

• Video 6 – In this video, we will be doing Geetham Varaveena

  • Carnatic music is the classical music Southern India. The basic form is a monophonic song with improvised variations. There are a total of 72 basic scales on the octave, and a rich variety of melodic motion
  • The overall objective of the course is to help the beginner level singers to learn the beginner’s level of Carnatic vocal lessons.

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  • 12 months

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