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Create your own course and join our panel of online trainers

How does it work ?


Decide a subject

Pick a subject based on your expertise


Create a course

Create an online course with the help of our technical team


Host the Course

Create lectures, units and assessments on our platform and interact with leamers


Start earning !

Co-promote your course with us and start earning royalty income


Learners today are looking beyond traditional means of education and online is going to be an important medium going forward. You should create an online course in your area of expertise to expand your knowledge base and to potentially earn a sizeable income on sale of the online course

Vlurn is a solid learning platform where learners come from various age groups, educational backgrounds and geographies. This will provide your online course with the much required visibility and traction. Secondly vlurn has solid features for learners which will make them interact with your course better and get a solid learning experience

You don’t need a technical background to shoot or record videos. For shooting your training videos we recommend getting or renting a handycam with HD shooting capabilities and a pair of microphones

For recording a screen based training we will recommend a software for your use

Our technical team will be available for any problem you face in creating a course and you will be given a guide book for course creation

Vlurn’s team will do demand analytics for keywords related to your course and provide you with a report which will help you understand where is the demand coming from and what is your prospective audience searching for.

Pricing of a course usually depends upon the demand, importance, certification (if any), length of the course and competition. We can help you come up with a range of pricing based on our analysis and help you make the pricing decision

Typically for a 60 minutes final course you need to do about 2x (i.e 120 minutes of recording) and after editing, adding effects, you can finalize the course. Using this maths backward you can calculate the time required for your course

You will also need some time to create assessments, grading criteria for learners of your course

Since it’s a self-paced course, technically the learners will take the course on their own time and there wont be any ‘schedule’ to be followed. However they will have questions and will post on discussion forums. If you reply to their questions discussions frequently it will increase the popularity of your online course

It depends upon the pricing of the course, its demand and conversions. To put brief numbers if your course is priced at Rs. 500 and 2,000 learners enroll in it then the course earns Rs. 10 lakhs. You will get a fair share of this (as per the royalty terms with vlurn)

The course and all its contents and titles will be owned by you. Vlurn will just be the hosting partner and the distribution platform

Vlurn hosts all its programs in twin layered secured hosting which protects it from highest levels of privacy attempts

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