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5 UPSC candidates turned All Odds to achieve their Dreams

  1. Ansar sheikh :  turned all odds in an opportunities ( Jalna, Maharashtra)

Ansar Ahemed sheikh, a 21 years old son of an auto-rickshaw driver and a brother of a mechanic has made his family proud by achieving his goal of becoming IAS officer. Ansar has cracked the most difficult and prestigious UPSC examination in his very first attempt.

ansar sheikh

Today, people all over the world are congratulating Ansar for his grad success but his journey towards success was not that easy. His family background, economic and social standards were not at all supportive during his struggle. Ansar’s father is a rickshaw driver, brother is a garage mechanic and his mother is a home-maker. Ansar Sheikh from District. Jalna did his schooling from zila parishad school of Jalna. Later, Ansar had did his graduation from Fergusson College Pune. With the poor economic condition he has also faced severe caste discriminations during his graduation period in pune. In spite of having various difficulties Ansar stayed focused towards his goal and proved himself. Like Ansar Sheikh, One should turn all odds in opportunities to lead a successful life.


  1. Govind Jaiswal : a Proud IAS officer (Varanasi, Maharashtra) 

He was born in Varanasi. His father was a rickshaw puller. His poor economic condition and vindictive taunts of the relatives and neighbors inspired Govind Jaiswal to be an IAS officer. ‘Request your father to change his profession or you become a respective person.’ shook him from inside. And he decided to be an IAS officer to gain respect from society. He studied from a government school in Varanasi and a modest college of the same village. In 2006, one of the most emotional and proudest moment came in his life when 23 year old Govind Jaiswal ranked 48 among 474 students appeared for civil services exam. It was his first attempt of this UPSC exam.

govind jaiswal

  1. NL Beno Zephine : India’s Visually Impaired IFS Officer

People judge you by your appearance and abilities. But there are some people like Beno Zephine who have moulded their destiny by putting their hard work and willpower to overcome the obstacles in the way of their success and to meet their goal. Visually impaired since birth, zephine never let her disability come in her way of achieving her dreams.  A post-graduate in English Literature from Madras University, Beno worked as a probationary officer at state bank of India. With the support of friends and family she achieved success in UPSC exam in 2012. Beno Zephine is truly an inspiration to all the aspiring candidates of civil service examination.


  1. Nirish Rajput : An Inspiration To Us (Madhya Pradesh)

A poor youngster from the Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh, who overcomes massive odds to emerge successful in the most important civil services examinations, has proved that poverty is not an impediment to success. Nirish is a son of virendra Rajput, a tailor, failed the civil service examination for three times. But never lost hope. Finally he made it in the fourth attempt.  Nirish is from lower economic background , he has faced every challenge and overcome all the hurdles to meet his goal.  He passed with the rank of 370 and had been selected for the Indian Administrative Service. Nirish has proved a saying “Where there is a ill there is a way.”


  1. Pranjali Patil : An Ambitious visionary IAS Rank holder (Pune, Maharashtra)

Her blindness did not stop her from visualizing a dream and making it come true. Pranjali Patil, a 26 years old visually impaired girl cleared UPSC exam by securing 773rd rank among the candidates from all over the India. She has faced many obstacles due to her physical limitations but her strong willpower and efforts made it all possible.

pranjali patil

May 21, 2016

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