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5 Tips To Decide Which Classical Musical Instrument You Should Learn



Are you done with your exams? Dealing with some excessive workload? Frustrated cause of some personal issues? ‘Music’ can answer all your questions and can give you strength and support while you are going through an emotional crisis. Music is classified into 2 major categories that are classical and modern. While developing your taste of music, the fact that modern music has its roots in the classical form of music, should be very well known to you.

Here are 5 tips for you before you finalize your classical instrument to be learned.


  • Is it your hobby? Or a career option – one who could shape a career out of his hobby, is the most fortunate person. But demands of your hobby and your career are far different from each other. Hence you have to decide whether you want to continue with your hobby or you are planning a career with your chosen musical instrument.


  • Do you have enough time? – Learning to play a musical instrument is indeed a time demanding activity. You will have to spend two hours in a week for the direct lessons from your mentor. Also, you have to practice the lessons regularly.


  • Age matters: though we say age is just a number. In the context of learning classical music, age can be a huge obstacle in the way of your achievement. Classical music has a deep study of various notations, some unique compositions etc. that deals with the great amount of patience. Hence, it is beneficial to start learning the classical instrument at an early age. your energy, enthusiasm and tension free mind  helps in grasping the lessons much faster.  This might start your thought process towards pursuing your career as a classical musician.


  • Choose an instrument that suits your Temperament: all classical instruments have distinctive features that take care of their own beauty. All the classical instruments may fascinate you but, be neutral and practical while choosing an instrument. Your chosen instrument should suit your personality, your physical strength and mental health. It should increase your interest in music. Make sure that you will not get bored after reaching on a certain level during the course.


  • Don’t be judgmental: every individual is different. It might be difficult for your friend to play the piano .but you may find it easier. Don’t decide your instrument based on others experiences. Try it once and then decide your path.


Classical music instrument includes Tabla, Dholak, sitar, sarod, flute, shahnai etc. every instrument has its own exclusive features. It has some benefits and shortcomings too. You should choose the instrument after knowing all its strengths and weaknesses. All of these instruments represent certain emotions and moods of a human being. Eg: tabla or shahnai are the instruments to be played on the pleasant occasions like anniversaries. Whereas, violin is an instrument that adds sad or sensitive flavor in the environment. Ex. Most of the times heartbreaking scene on the television has the background music of violins played on the different scales.

Playing a musical instrument has many benefits that enhances your abilities and teaches you to enjoy every note and beat of a life.

I will leave you with a quote by the composer Charlie parker, “music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.”






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