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5 Reasons Why Online Training is the Next Big Thing in India.

Online education is something which was hard to imagine 10 years ago and today it is making some strong progress across the world. Though in a larger domain it is hard to imagine someone taking 100% education online and complete elimination of traditional brick and mortar form of education, it is very well possible that specialized skills, vocational education and certain portions of higher education can be better delivered and received online.

Indian education system is centuries old with higher learning institutes like Takshashila imparting education since 5th century BC and grand institution Nalanda University which used to run one of the oldest university system of education in the world. However past decade has seen huge technological advancements with the advent of mobile phones in combination with internet. Today anyone with Rs. 3000-4000 can get connected to internet and start getting unlimited information even in remotest areas of the country With this technological breakthrough, we feel that soon it will become very easy for anyone to get online on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops and start undertaking online classes. We feel that there are three primary reasons why online education can become the next big thing in India:

1. Convenience: One of the major push for online education is convenience. Much like other regular e-commerce, online education will become popular due to advantages such as location benefit (it can be taken from any location) and flexibility (In most forms it can be taken at any time according to one’s own comfort)

2.  Cost: Online education is much less costlier compared to physical education as the institution does not need to invest in infrastructure like building, furniture, etc. Also usually many students can take an online class at once thereby eliminating the need to have limited seats per class thus increasing the reach of expert professors and trainers. This reduces the per student cost of hiring the best trainers

3.  Reach: Online education has the biggest benefit of reach which works both ways in benefiting students as well as trainers / colleges. Students based in India can take the classes of expert professors providing lectures thousands of miles away in United States. Similarly colleges having strong professional courses across the world can now reach out to any student based in any corners of India

4.  Revision: Online training allows students to take repeat lessons and view recorded sessions of important topics as many time as they want thereby benefiting those who want to revise important topics for an exam or interview, unlike physical training where the only means of retaining important lecture is through memory

5.  Interaction: One more main advantage of online education is the ability for all student to participate in the training by interacting freely with the professor as well as other students without fear or any sort of apprehension which is very common in physical form of training Without denying the fact that physical education is still required to install the basic culture and lay the foundation of learning in a student, we feel that online education will add as a nice icing on the cake and will take learning to new heights in India.

February 12, 2015

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