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5 people with ordinary lives that are chasing their dreams by helping the society

1. Pravin Nikam: A Period Man

Pravin Nikam, a 23 year old boy, a strong headed feminist is working on ‘menstruation and personal hygiene’ under which he and his friends arrange seminars or a series of lectures for the women in rural areas. It was on a visit of Assam that Pravin met a  girl named ‘Roshni’ who was restricted from attending school due to her monthly cycle. He fought for her rights with those villagers and made her sit in the school. This incident has changed his life completely; he had formed a NGO named ‘Roshni Foundation’. Under which he works for spreading awareness about the issue of ‘menstruation and personal hygiene’ especially among the women and adolescent girls of lower economic strata.

Pravin Nikam-1

2. Nilesh Zawar : A Real Nature Lover

Nilesh Zawar a Chartered Accountant and an enthusiastic nature lover decided to defocus on his family profession of CA firm and set up a free-range dairy near Nashik. Where he has kept a large number of cows in a very comfortable and humane environment that encourages cows to produce a sufficient quantity of milk in totally organic atmosphere. Also, this organic dairy farm has become a picnic spot for those who are in need of a refreshing break from their busy routines.
nilesh zawar- 1

Nilesh is not only the owner of this ideal small business but also was involved in  tree plantation and cleanliness projects in Nashik and nearby villages. By taking such a step Nilesh Zawar has given justice to his concern and Love for nature. This organic dairy farm may take time to break-even and make money but it provides him with immense satisfaction and a happy life.

3. Deepali Awkale : Believes in Living life to the fullest

Deepali Awkale is a dancer, a writer, a poet, and a psychology counselor was a busy bee with her versatile activities. But she thought of using her knowledge for youth in rural areas to help them for building their bright future by boosting their confidence. She has planned a personality development course which does not have a definite syllabus but shows a correct path of living in the given circumstances. She moulds her syllabus according to the need of each student. Her session contains 80% of games, drawing or expressing self through different ways. That makes a child comfortable and friendly. Her residential workshops in the remote areas of Maharashtra are helping the young Indians in choosing their right path that will lead them to the better future.
image- deepali awkale

4. Prashant More : A journey from Chartered Accountant to Sarpanch

Prashant More is a CA by profession and works as a General Manager in one of the finance companies based in Pune. But his social awareness and concern about the people from economically backward class has come up with the formation of ‘Manav Sanvedana foundation’ that mainly collects unwanted things from the people of middle and upper class and distributes them to the needy people in the different villages. Also, he has distributed some sweets and snacks to 500 families from the remote areas on the occasion of diwali. A person with a political power can reach to the needy people faster and easier than the ordinary citizen. Keeping this in mind, Prashant more fought an election of ‘Bangurne’ a village near Dhule district and got elected as a head of the village, which made his journey easier. Our society needs more people like Prashant More to bridge the gap between the socio-economic classes.

5. Priti Bhosale : A Passionate Environmentalist

Priti had a bachelor’s degree in media and marketing. She was working as a content writer in one of the media firms of Mumbai. But, Nature and environment was always a matter of concern for her. During her job period she happened to meet ‘Green souls’- a small group experimenting with organic farming in cramped urban spaces. That clicked her mind. She quit her job and started volunteering for animal and environmental initiatives.
priti bhosale

Today, the group has 4 farms in the city that feed destitute children who are also cancer patients. They also, provide shelters for women and children.We need more passionate environmentalists like Priti to nourish our environment for our future healthy generations.

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