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5 Middle Class People Going Out Of Their Way To Help The Poor

  1. Mohammed Ayub : Teaches Thousands Of Slum Children For Free In Peshawar (Pakistan)


In a country where everyone is struggling for his own progress and happiness, people like Mohammed Ayub are trying to change the definition of progress and happiness. This 58 years old government employee teaches 200 underprivileged children for free every day. Each day at 3 pm, after finishing his day at work, he reaches to a garden near the building of Pakistan’s parliament. Around 200 children from different economic background are lined up, waiting for him at the park, ready to learn. It all started 30 years ago, when Ayub’s family was living in a village and he alone was working in the city. He decided to utilize his free time by doing something for the well-being of the society. Now, thousands of his students have passed from last three decades. They are having decent jobs too like him. Society is definitely in need of many more people like Mohammed Ayub to reduce an economic gap between rich and poor.


  1. Ganesh Dalvi : A True Care Taker (Pune, Maharashtra)


Ganesh is a journalist and a voice over dubbing artist, associated with various NGO’s from Pune and the rest of Maharashtra. He is well- aware about the social and economic conditions of people coming from the lower strata of the society. But only awareness does not make any difference unless you work with an aim of bringing a social and economic equality.

ganesh dalvi

Likewise, Ganesh contributes his share of social responsibility by accepting parenting of adolescent boys and girls coming from rural Maharashtra for educational purpose. He lets them stay in his house and assures their parents about their children’s safety and makes those children comfortable in the unknown surroundings. This is completely an off the record activity that is a great support to the budding professionals.


  1. Sandeep Desai : A Committed Professor (Mumbai, Maharashtra)


Sandeep Desai, a former marine engineer and a management professor solicited help on streets and railway platforms in Mumbai to collect money, to invest in educating youth from rural Maharashtra. Between 2010 -2012 Sandeep raised more than Rs.50 lakh, to run four schools. Sandeep has 1 school in drought suffered district Yavatmal, and 3 in Sipur, Sadakadi and Najihar villages in Udaipur. The school in Yavatmal district has 180 students and 5 teachers. 3 schools in Udaipur’s tribal belt have 310 students and 7 teachers. All of these schools have recently got government recognition. A revolutionary step taken by a former management professor is a lesson for many people working in the field of education.


  1. Pramila Sahu : A Powerful Woman (Raipur, Chattisgarh)


Pramila Sahu, a sarpanch of saragaon village of Raipur District of Chhattisgarh has proved that an act of selflessness doesn’t require much except a purpose by taking a loan of Rs. 24 lakh on her name and spending every bit of it on the construction of school and toilets all over the village.  She is the perfect example of the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

pramila sahu

  1. Falguni Doshi : Extends Help In Just Rs.1 (Vadodara, Gujarat)


Falguni Doshi from Vadodara has come up with an innovative way of recycling orthopedic equipment while helping the needy. When Falguni came up with the idea of recycling the equipment to help the needy, soon she with her friend, had come up with a plan to rent it out for Rs. 1 a day. She gives walker, wheel-chair, canes, knee and ankle and neck brases etc. to those who are in an immediate need of equipments and are unable to pay its huge cost due to their economic condition. Most of the products are donated to Falguni for this noble cause but rest of them are purchased brand new by her. This work done by Falguni has reached too many people by mouth publicity. But she has restricted her work to Vadodara as of now.

falguni doshi





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