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5 Important Selection Shortcuts in Excel

Whenever you will be working on MS excel, there will always be need of selecting data for copy-pasting or highlighting or other editing purpose. Sometimes you may have to select only few specific cells from a large number of cells. Selection shortcuts in excel make this task very easy for you. In the table we have discussed in brief the 6 most important selection keys.

1. Shift + Space – The combination of Shift with space key will select the entire row your selected cell is located in.

2. CTRL + Space – If  CTRL is used with the space key, the entire column will be selected.

3. Shift + Arrow Key – Use this shortcut to select the adjacent cell in any direction i.e. to the left/right/up/down.

4. CTRL + Shift + Arrow keys – This shortcut performs the action of selection till last filled cell in a row/column

The following video explains the above shortcuts in detail

April 16, 2014

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